TLDR; Alaska has more or less been forgotten by the Trump administration. They’re expected to locally source their own PPE and tests, and to further screw things up they got told that they could not close the ports or refuse non-residents care at their tiny hospital. In total, they have 4 [FOUR!] beds and 2 ventillators that don’t have the needed settings to properly treat ARDS.

To add more fuel to that g’damn fire, they have 16,000 ‘essential’ fishermen and cannery workers… who also mainly come from Russia and eastern god damn Europe. No testing was done and the FIRST things those dudes did when they landed there was hitup all the grocery stores without masks and talking it up with everyone.

I believe they have 300 tests for their own residents but they were unable to get more. They have a population of 2200. Quite literally ALL of the medical staff is wearing cloth masks made by the local residents and donated.

Anchorage is a one hour flight away, where there is 140 ICU beds. … … … for the ENTIRE GOD DAMN STATE.

Trump genuinely gives not one fuck about the native population getting killed off and that’s absolutely rotten as hell. Hell, more Medicaid they don’t gotta dish out since native Alaskans and native americans get medicaid based on some oddball blood thing… more or less a “sorry we took your land and abused your kids” dealio.

1918 Influenza wiped out 60% of the town, and there’s still mass graves that are clearly visible all over the joint. Smaller villages were completely erased. in 1918 they had 1 doctor and 2 nursees, now they have 6 doctors and maybe 16 nurses. Most of the docs are over 60 so they probably won’t last long, fuck. And I’m fairly certain their oldest doc is 85.

They’re waiting for it to hit and they’re absolutely fucking terrified. They don’t even have a god damn crematorium. They’ll LITERALLY be forced to use mass graves. Again. These are our neighbors. If there is anyone out there that’s able to help out with PPE in any way, I implore you to do so and quickly. Time is of the essence. I simply do not have the resources anymore to be able to help someone so far away since I’ve stretched myself to the breaking point making sure our frontliners are protected to the best of my ability.

It’s 2020, and we’re Canadian’s god damnit. Just because they’re American’s doesn’t make them aliens to us. We’ve broadened the definition of who our neighbors are long ago, now it’s time to extend the boundaries of our interest and empathy and help those who were abandoned by their government as our own, if we can. And just remember, it most certainly is your concern when your neighbor’s wall is on fire, and boyyyyy howdy, their walls are about to go up in flames quick-like.

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