Fourty one cases of new coronavirus pneumonia infected in Wuhan

  Xinhua News Agency, Wuhan, January 11 (Reporter Liao Jun, Li Changzheng) The Wuhan Municipal Health Commission issued a notice on the morning of the 11th that after the “unknown cause of viral pneumonia” was initially determined as a new coronavirus, the Wuhan Health and Health Commission organized The existing patient specimens were tested. As of 24:00 on January 10, 41 cases of pneumonia with new coronavirus infection were initially diagnosed, including 7 severe cases and 1 dead case. The remaining patients were in stable condition.

  Since the end of December last year, the number of unexplained viral pneumonia patients diagnosed in Wuhan has continued to increase. According to the notification of the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission on the evening of January 5, as of 8 o’clock that day, the city reported a total of 59 patients with unexplained viral pneumonia diagnosis, including 7 severe patients. In the latest report on the 11th, after the preliminary determination of the pathogen of “unexplained viral pneumonia” as a new coronavirus, the national, provincial and municipal expert groups immediately revised and improved the plan for the diagnosis and treatment of unexplained viral pneumonia.

  According to reports, 41 cases of pneumonia with new coronavirus infection have been initially diagnosed, of which 2 have been discharged, 7 are severe, and 1 is dead. There were 739 close contacts, including 419 medical personnel, who had received medical observation and found no related cases. No new cases have been found since January 3, 2020. At present, no infections by medical personnel have been found, and no clear evidence of person-to-person transmission has been found.

  According to the report, since the outbreak, Wuhan City, with the support of the state and Hubei Province, has cooperated with relevant departments to carry out the prevention and control work in an orderly manner: First, it will spare no effort to treat patients. Formulate a work plan for diagnosis and treatment, earnestly realize early detection, early diagnosis, early isolation, and early treatment, and concentrate experts and resources for full treatment. The second is to carry out in-depth epidemiological investigations. The investigation found that the patients were mainly the operating and purchasing personnel of the South China Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan. On January 1, 2020, the market was closed for the South China Seafood Wholesale Market, and further strengthened disease prevention guidance and environmental sanitation management for public places in the city, especially the farmers’ market. . The third is to widely publicize disease prevention knowledge and enhance public awareness of self-protection. The fourth is to cooperate with countries and provinces in conducting etiological research. Fifth, cooperate with the National Health and Health Commission to notify the World Health Organization and other epidemic information in a timely manner.

  The report reminded that at present, the season of high incidence of infectious diseases in winter and spring, the public should maintain indoor air circulation, try to avoid closed, non-ventilated public places and crowded places, and wear masks if necessary. If you have fever, respiratory tract infection symptoms, especially persistent fever, you should go to a medical institution in time.

2020-01-11 08:50:23 Source: Xinhuanet

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